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We Have Answers for Your FAQs

Will I need an ID to purchase cannabis products from Odyssey?

Yes, you will. Every person who purchases cannabis from Ontario cannabis stores, like our Hamilton location, are required to show a piece of government-issued photo ID, if they could potentially be under the age of 19.

For the same reasons that we only offer legal, regulated cannabis products that are registered for sale with the Government of Canada, we are committed to following the rules for ID at purchase.

Which are better - Sativa or Indica products?

That's a question that really doesn't have an answer, because it's based on personal preference.

Are you looking for something to energize you, lift up your mood, and spark creativity? There's a good chance that Sativa products are going to be what you're looking for.

Or are you someone that likes to unwind at the end of the day, and uses cannabis products to relax and assist with sleep? Then Indica products will probably be more to your liking.

Some people enjoy both types of weed, in different situations. Others prefer hybrid strains that tend to give you a little bit from both sides of the spectrum.

Only you can tell us whether you'd prefer Sativa or Indica, based on what you're trying to achieve through cannabis, and your past experiences using cannabis products.

Is Odyssey Hiring?

We might be! If you think that you might be the right kind of fit for Odyssey, we want to hear from you. Send your resume to [insert whatever email they want for contact in this case], and we'll get back to you to let you know we received it.

Even if we aren't hiring right now, don't worry. We'll keep your resume on file, and we'll reach out to you the next time that we have an opening.

I've never used cannabis before, what should I try?

Whether you're thinking about starting with dried cannabis flower, delicious edibles and cannabis beverages, or cannabis oils and topicals, we've probably got something in stock for you to try.

Just come in and talk to one of our helpful Odyssey budtenders, and we'll talk to you about the types of cannabis products that interest you the most. Once we know what you like, there's only one rule: take it low and slow.

Regardless of what you feel like trying, you always want to start with a low dosage. And only use a little at a time. You can always have some more later. The last thing you want to do is take too much, too quickly, and ruin the whole experience for yourself.

Do you offer weed delivery in Hamilton?

Unfortunately, at this time, we don't offer weed delivery in Hamilton. However, be sure to check back, because we may be able to offer weed delivery in Hamilton eventually.

How can I tell the strength of a cannabis product before I use it?

Because we only carry legal, regulated products that we approved for sale by the Government of Canada, each cannabis product is required to have the THC information clearly listed on its packaging.

This information will include the THC percentage of the cannabis product, as well as recommended dosage information for any form of cannabis that's consumable.

If you're not sure of what the information means, just ask! One of our team members will be glad to help explain it for you.

What's the difference between THC and CBD products?

THC products contain tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the active ingredient in cannabis that causes the psychoactive, euphoric effects commonly associated with the plant.

CBD on the other hand, also known as cannabidiol, is the second most active ingredient in cannabis. It's primarily responsible for a lot of the medicinal effects that are commonly associated with cannabis, such as pain relief, relaxation, and stress reduction.

Many THC products will contain some CBD, while many CBD-centered products will contain virtually no THC. Always check the product information listed on the outside of the cannabis product you're purchasing, and don't be afraid to ask us for help if you have any questions.

Do you carry CBD products that don't contain THC?

Yes, we do! We carry a variety of CBD oils and cannabis topicals that contain mainly CBD. Every cannabis product will have a tiny, imperceptible amount of THC in it, which is there to help activate the CBD in your body.

Thankfully, if you're not looking for any of the euphoria that's typically associated with cannabis, CBD products are exactly what you're looking for. With things like CBD oils and cannabis topical products, you can enjoy all of cannabis' medicinal benefits, without any of the psychoactive effects.

What's the best product you carry?

That's a question that only you can answer! We want to facilitate the best possible cannabis experiences for you, but only you can tell us what you're looking for and what you'll enjoy.

One of our budtenders will take the time to get to know you, so that we can show you a few things in stock that we feel will be best for you, instead of just showing you the things we like.

How can you be sure your cannabis products are safe for you?

We're sure that all of our cannabis products are safe to use, because all of them are products by registered, legal manufacturers, and the products meet the high-quality standards put in place by the Government of Canada.

Those high standards ensure that every single product goes through a rigorous monitoring process, where heavy oversight is placed on every step of its production; from cooking up delicious edibles, to harvesting and drying amazing cannabis flower.

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